April McNair knows how hard teachers work on a daily basis and she tries to help in the best way she can by sharing her ideas. Her favorites to blog are about helping teachers prepare to teach and DIY projects for around the classroom. She lives to empower her fellow teachers and is rewarded when students come back with a “lightbulb” kind of moment. She lives in Texas with her husband and three young children. With over 11 years of teaching, we welcome April to the Bright Minds team!

Out of the 25 Astrobrights colors, which one is your favorite? And why?
EEK! I can't decide on just one!! My absolute favorites are Lunar Blue and Fireball Fushia. Lunar Blue for the light and airy feel. I love an almost white blue. So crisp and clean. Pops of Fireball Fuchsia...signals just the right amount of adventure.

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