ASTROBRIGHTS® Papers is excited to announce a new content-driven campaign called 25 Days of Color as a lead-in to the successful Colorize™ Your Classroom back-to-school campaign.  #25DaysofColor celebrates the spectrum of the brand’s 25 vibrant shades of color by providing classroom ideas and inspiration for teachers for the upcoming school year.

Beginning July 6th and continuing each day for 25 days, an influential edublogger will use a different Astrobrights color in an original project and classroom ideas. Ideas will showcase quick and easy ways that color can help create an inspiring learning environment and spark creativity amongst fellow teachers.

Projects will range from recommending unique color palettes for classrooms to incorporating color into a lesson plan or using color as a tool to help with comprehension and retention.

The teaching community is strong and ideas from peers resonate. By leveraging partnerships with trusted and influential bloggers, Astrobrights has become a vessel for idea-sharing using its product during this seasonal time period.

Projects will be rolled out daily in the form of original posts on each blogger’s site, promoted on their social channels, and shared on Astrobrights’ social channels (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Tumblr). Throughout the campaign, projects will use the #ColorizeYourClassroom and #25daysofColor hashtags.

By providing new ideas and a source for inspiration, #25DaysofColor will build engagement with teachers during the classroom design season and further establish Astrobrights as a resource to this key customer base.