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Here is a really fun way to brighten up your Christmas wrapping, and it's also a project the kids will love to help with!  I used Astrobrights Papers, a line of brightly colored papers perfect for crafting and festivity-making for happy punches of color.

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What you will need:

Astrobrights Papers* | White Craft Paper | Scissors | Glue Stick | Twine | Decorations (I used small bottle brush trees, jingle bells, and glitter letters) | tape

(I used the colors Pulsar Pink, Gravity Grape, Plasma Pink, Solar Yellow, Lunar Blue, and Celestial Blue)

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First, cut the length of craft paper you will need and wrap the box.  Next, cut out a variety of shapes from the Astrobrights papers.  The kids loved doing this!  It doesn't really matter what the shapes look like, the more random they are, the more fun.  Next, have them glue the shapes onto the white paper with the glue stick.

Lastly, adorn as you wish with tags, twine, and decor.

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These sweet little gifts are like little works of art, and look great placed under the tree or anywhere!

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It's always fun finding a way to include the kids in the Christmas decorating and wrapping, and this is a really easy low-mess solution (which you have to love!)

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Thank you so much to Astrobrights for sponsoring this post, and inspiring creativity and a colorful life!